Monday, May 20, 2019
Be Mobile
Still thinking that bringing your products, services and work to mobile is "Good To Have" but not "Must Have"? Think again...

Average firm to spend $13-22 mn on mobile marketing this year: Tata Consultancy Services
"...during 2012, the average-size company (USD 11.2 billion in annual revenue) will spend between USD 13 million and USD 22 million to market, sell and service digital mobile consumers through their mobile devices" TCS said in its study titled 'The New Digital Mobile Consumer: How Large Companies are Responding'.
Source: 'The New Digital Mobile Consumer: How Large Companies are Responding', Tata Consultancy Services

Companies need to get Mobile: Mobile Marketing and Social Media
"Mobile Marketing has turned the world into a twenty four hour, non-stop business opportunity. Implementation of mobile marketing advertisement campaigns have allowed companies to attain a ubiquitous presence in the market; regardless of time or place, everyone is a potential client."

Mobile Solutions

An Justnice.Net, we provide our customers with complete mobile solutions that cover the front end (mobile application) to the back end (server side application). A complete mobile solution should cover at least three aspects:

1. Front End Application
2. System Connectivity
3. Back End Application

The section below explains the functionality of each aspect.

Front End Application

The Front End Application normally consists of both native and hybrid mobile applications. It allows the end user to interract with the backend system with the support of the System Connectivity.

System Connectivity

The System Connectivity allows the Front End Application to talk to the server. This is essential when a close loop communication between the end user and the server is required. A standalone mobile application it not sufficient in today's market as most users want to stay connected (e.g. Facebook).

Backend Application

The Back End Application normally provides the capability for the system owner to administrate the entire system. The function includes management of all user accounts, customer details, process order, etc. The main feature of the Back End Application is to provide a complete solution for the system owner.

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